Identification of parameters affecting the success of the hospital information system & presentation of a model for user satisfaction improvement

Document Type : Research Paper


Tarbiat Modares University


Complex institutions comprising several divisions and departments such as hospitals need access to information. Hospital information system has many capabilities and in case this system is acceptance by hospital staff, it leads to a revolution in the health care delivery industry. The identification of effective determinants and measures on the success of hospital information systems could significantly lead to the improvement of their performance. In this paper, the effective determinants and measures on the success of hospital information systems have been identified and then the data has been collected with the help of two customized questionnaires and finally analyzed with inferential statistics using SPSS software. According to the questionnaires, the results of the collected data were divided into two groups: results of experts and those of system users. In the experts group, after identifying the measures and determinants from the literature, they were presented to experts and with the use of one sample T test, the influencing measures and determinants on the success of hospital information systems have been identified. These measures were provided to users and then the confirmatory factor analysis was performed to assess the validity of questionnaires and structure of the identified determinants from the users’ opinions. Finally, several linear regression analyses were conducted to examine the hypotheses and proposed a model to improve user satisfaction in hospitals.


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