Hospital leanness assessment model: A fuzzy MULTI-MOORA decision making approach

Document Type : Research Paper


School of industrial engineering, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran branch, Tehran, Iran


The aim of this paper is to determine the critical factors in successful implementation of a lean healthcare system in a hospital. Despite the recent developments in lean hospitals, there is a long route to traverse in order to get close to the maturity stage of the leanness. We propose an approach in which the most important leanness criteria are determined and the leanness of a given hospital is measured using the ranking of leanness criteria. The uncertainty in the opinion of experts is modeled using fuzzy sets. Fuzzy Delphi method equipped with questionnaire analysis is used to investigate the main criteria affecting leanness in hospital. Fuzzy Multi-MOORA technique is used to rank main criteria affecting the leanness of a healthcare system. The result shows 25 factors that affect the leanness in the hospital which has high priority and low priority and managers of hospitals must pay attention and assign their limited resources to them. The origin of this paper uses structural method for finding customize factors and also applies a new method of MCDM in uncertainly environment by real world data.


Main Subjects

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