Keywords = robust optimization
Number of Articles: 18
1. Designing a market basket to mitigate supply risks

Volume 13, Issue 4, November 2021, Pages 307-327

Hamed Maleki; Hassan Khademi Zareh; Mohammad Bagher Fakhrzad; Hassan Hosseini Nasab

2. Designing a closed loop supply chain network for engine oil in an uncertain environment: A case study in Behran Oil Company

Volume 13, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 49-64

Mahmoud Tajik Jangali; Ahmad Makui; Ehsan Dehghani

3. A robust scenario- model for locating emergency medical services bases: A case study for Ahvaz city in Iran

Volume 13, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 200-222

Zahra Sadat Seyyedzadeh; Mohammad Saeed Jabalameli; Ehsan Dehghani

5. A multi objective mixed integer programming model for design of a sustainable meat supply chain network

Volume 13, Special issue: 16th International Industrial Engineering Conference, February 2020, Pages 78-92

Fatemeh Ghasemian Zarini; Nikbakhsh Javadian

9. A two-stage GIS-based optimization model for the dry port location problem: A case study of Iran

Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 50-73

Mehran Abbasi; Mir Saman Pishvaee

10. A hybrid metaheuristic algorithm for the robust pollution-routing problem

Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 244-257

Reza Eshtehadi; Mohammad Fathian; Mir Saman Pishvaee; Emrah Demir

11. A heuristic light robust approach to increase the quality of robust solutions

Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 258-269

Donya Rahmani; Morteza Hajipour; Naser Safaie

12. Integrated planning for blood platelet production: a robust optimization approach

Volume 10, special issue on healthcare, January 2017, Pages 55-80

Sara Cheraghi; Seyyed-Mahdi Hosseini-Motlagh; Mohammadreza Ghatreh Samani

13. Leader-follower competitive facility Location and Design problem in an uncertain environment

Volume 11, Special issue on game theory applications' in industrial engineering, January 2017, Pages 59-71

parvin soleymani; Seyed Jafar Sadjadi; milad gorji; fatemeh taremi

14. Multi-objective robust optimization model for social responsible closed-loop supply chain solved by non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm

Volume 8, Issue 3, July 2015, Pages 42-58

Hamid Saffari; Ahmad Makui; Vahid Mahmoodian; Mir Saman Pishvaee

15. Robust approach to DEA technique for supplier selection problem: A case study at Supplying Automative Parts Company (SAPCO)

Volume 7, Issue 1, December 2014, Pages 56-79

Ashkan Hafezalkotob; Mohammad-Hadi Samim Banihashemi; Elnaz Akhavan Rezaee; Hamid Tavakoli

16. Robust scheduling for three-machine robotic cell using interval data

Volume 7, Issue 1, December 2014, Pages 129-140

Saeedeh Gholami; Faezeh Deymeh

17. The P-Center Problem under Uncertainty

Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 48-57

Majid Taghavi; Hassan Shavandi

18. The P-Center Problem under Uncertainty

Volume 5, Issue 3, October 2011, Pages 175-184

Majid Taghavi; Hassan Shavandi