Author = Kioumars Paryani
A Comparison of the Mahalanobis-Taguchi System to A Standard Statistical Method for Defect Detection

Volume 2, Issue 4, January 2009, Pages 250-258

Elizabeth A. Cudney; David Drain; Kioumars Paryani; Naresh Sharma

Predicting Customer-Expectation-Based Warranty Cost for Smaller-the- Better and Larger-the-Better Performance Characteristics

Volume 2, Issue 2, August 2008, Pages 97-113

Naresh K. Sharma; David Drain; Elizabeth A. Cudney; Kenneth M. Ragsdell; Kioumars Paryani

Identifying Useful Variables for Vehicle Braking Using the Adjoint Matrix Approach to the Mahalanobis-Taguchi System

Volume 1, Issue 4, January 2008, Pages 281-292

Elizabeth A. Cudney; Kioumars Paryani; Kenneth M. Ragsdell

Applying the Mahalanobis-Taguchi System to Vehicle Ride

Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2007, Pages 251-259

Elizabeth A. Cudney; Kioumars Paryani; Kenneth M. Ragsdell

An Evaluation of Mahalanobis-Taguchi System and Neural Network for Multivariate Pattern Recognition

Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2007, Pages 139-150

Elizabeth A. Cudney; Jungeui Hong; Rajesh Jugulum; Kioumars Paryani; Kenneth M. Ragsdell; Genichi Taguchi

Product Development Decision Support System Customer-Based

Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2007, Pages 56-69

Kioumars Paryani